Staff of John Paul II Catholic School for 2017 - 2018.

Mrs. Erica Andersen - Teacher (Kindergarten)
Mrs. Sheila Marshall - Teacher (Grade 1/2)
Ms. Mary-Anne Willimott – Teacher (Grade 1/2)
Mrs. Crystal Salmon - Teacher (Grade 3)
Mrs. Brandice Seabrook - Teacher (Grade 3) French 
Mr. Gordon Higginson - Teacher (Grade 4/5)
Ms. Toban Brooks - Teacher (Grade 4/5) 
Ms. Colleen Duncan - Teacher (Grade 6/7
Mrs. Mary Benson - PE Specialist                                                                                               Mrs. Joanne See - Learning Support Teacher                                                                             Mrs. Rachelle Warman - Principal - Learning Support Coordinator
Mrs. Tanya Irg - Special Educational Assistant
Mrs. Heidi Fraser - Special Education Assistant
Ms. Kathleen Sam - Special Education Assistant
Mrs. Stevie Staniforth- Special Education Assistant
Mrs. Amanda Langlois - Special Education Assistant                                                                  
Ms. Cathie Gogo – Executive Assistant                                                                                                                


Mini-Miracles Family Center Staff

Miss Janna walker - Manager, ECCE
Mrs. Karlee Knoll - Preschool Teacher, ECCE
Miss Brooke Vigneux - Infant/Toddler care, ECCE
Ms. Anne Morgan - Infant/Toddler care, ECCE/IT
Ms. Janna Walker - Group daycare, ECCE/IT
Mrs. Chelley Brandl - Group daycare, ECCE
Miss Briana Berard - Support Staff, ECCE
Miss Kari Trott - OSC- ECCE Asisstant
Mrs.Cathy Higginson - OSC


I feel very blessed and fortunate that my children are able to go to a school like John Paul II. I know they are getting the best education both academically and spiritually.
MIchelle Clarke Parent
I like John Paul II because we make friends and we play together.
Grade One Student
I like how this school is better than other schools because we have lots of sports and Spirit Days. John Paul II has the best teachers and there is no bullying.
Grade Five Student