Important Notice

Reminder that student drop-off and pick-up are done at the back of the school from 8:15 am - 8:40 am and from 3:00 pm - 3:15 pm. The front entrance is not be used except when students arrive before or are being picked up after the bell and are accompanied by a parent. Thank you for your cooperation.


Student Resources

The following are great databases for students to use for their research projects. All have the same username and password to log on:

Username: jp2 | Password: database

World Book Web

  • Encyclopedia of British Columbia
    This on-line edition of the Encyclopedia of British Columbia contains the complete encyclopedia, along with a variety of readers' resources and other features.
  • WorldBook Kids
    Simple navigation, colorful illustrations, activities for young students, and more.
  • WorldBook Student
    The complete World Book encyclopedia plus multimedia, web links, periodicals, and more.
  • WorldBook Advanced
    Primary source documents and ebooks fully integrated with encyclopedia content plus timelines, citation builder, and saved research. 

Other Links


I feel very blessed and fortunate that my children are able to go to a school like John Paul II. I know they are getting the best education both academically and spiritually.
MIchelle Clarke Parent
I like John Paul II because we make friends and we play together.
Grade One Student
I like how this school is better than other schools because we have lots of sports and Spirit Days. John Paul II has the best teachers and there is no bullying.
Grade Five Student